The Hindler winery from Schrattenthal in the Weinviertel is no longer an insider tip. The geological diversity at the foot of the Manhartsberg and the independent microclimate characterize the wines of Rosi and Karl Hindler. With a hand using living soil and sustainable viticulture, the young winegrowers bring the flavor of the Weinviertel into the glass. Peppery and complex Veltliners in all facets of loess and primary rock, as well as fine Rieslings provide pure drinking pleasure. The wine repertoire is wonderfully supplemented with full-bodied red wines. All hand-picked grapes characterize the special nature of their wines. Simply an authentic family winery – since 1810.

“We have loved and lived our winemaking trade since 1810. Every sip of wine is a precious encounter that couldn’t be more exciting and authentic. And it is handpicked”/p>

Rosi and Karl Hindler

Wines from the Hindler winery

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Weinviertel DAC Löss

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Weinviertel DAC

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Zweigelt 2019


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