Weinviertler Gaumenkino
A winery like no other!

For us, tradition and innovation are not a contradiction in terms and sustainability
is of particular concern to us.
Erwin Poller – free spirit and visionary – a down-to-earth winemaker…
because he cultivates his craft and appreciates his region. He is a
No time to sleep kind of person, because he is always looking for unconventional solutions
Inventor with foresight and a lot of responsibility for the environment and fellow human beings.
In Röschitz, in the western Weinviertel, Erwin creates truly wonderful wines.

Creative, curious and passionate, he brings nature into and onto the surface of the

He loves to surprise and provoke.
His wines have a special character due to their individuality
and reflect his unique taste.

The future remains exciting!

Wines from the Pollerhof winery

Our latest products at a glance


 13,20 inkl. MwSt.

Includes 13% MwSt.


 13,00 inkl. MwSt.

Includes 13% MwSt.

Frau Mayer

 17,80 inkl. MwSt.

Includes 13% MwSt.

Vom Löss

 14,00 inkl. MwSt.

Includes 13% MwSt.

Weinviertel DAC

 10,00 inkl. MwSt.

Includes 13% MwSt.

Sparkling wine & frizzante

Frizzante Gelber Muskateller

Kleiner Onkel

 10,30 inkl. MwSt.

Includes 20% MwSt.

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